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Note: we are doing software outsourcing and we are unable to share all project details.

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    Java Visual C++



    Insurance Risk Calculation

    • IRC provides B2B services for the remote clients (employees) who are attending to execute one of the following business processes: a) - Reinsurance Program Load, load data into application, b) - Marginal Capital Calculation / Store , calculate the risk , c) - Read Results of Marginal Capital Calculation or get current state of the above two operations execution;
    • To load the data into IRC application the remote C++ clients access the IRC through HTTP serviced by a controller servlet which interacts with the client and delegates them to the façade of the business tier;
    • IRC also provides a Remote/Local Session Façade implemented as a EJB - Session Stateless Bean that allow other local/remote components to reach the IRC's Business Tier (The IRC Admin uses the IRC's Local Façade component to access the business functionality when starting the Marginal Capital Calculation);
    • The business processes (Reinsurance Program Load and Marginal Capital Calculation) that require a long time to complete their execution are implemented as asynchronous tasks, using the EJB - Message Driven Bean technology;
    • Visual C++, Java JSP / EJB, Oracle with Java stored procedures
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    PHP FoxPro


    MySQL FoxPro

    Retail Orders Viewer - FoxPro to PHP migration

    • Reporting interface for customer retail and wholesale operations of a large organisation.
    • Migrating a FoxPro application to PHP, user interface improvement and performance optimization; conection to legacy data store - import data from an off-site AS/400 system;
    • Replicated FoxPro DB structure in MySQL, synchronized the data import from AS/400 to MySQL, replicate all functionality of the old FoxPro application and added new functionalities; custom FoxPro tools for easier migration;
    • Zend Framework 1, jQuery, FoxPro, MySQL
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    MSSQL Sybase

    IS/IS - PERL to PHP migration

    • An application that manages IT projects done by a software company; the application was initially developed in PERL;
    • Purpose of this project was to migrate the data from a Sybase database to MSSQL and redevelop a suite of Perl web applications accessing the data. The web interface to query and modify the data have no loss of functionality as per initial IS systems;
    • Project steps: database migration scripts (from Sybase to MSSQL), utilities for database tables, migration of the application components - Java Change Notification (JCN), Build System(BLD), Release Record (RR) and Safe and Bank(SAB), documentation (developer's guide);
    • Custom Framework, Perl, PHP, Sybase, MSSQL